A Digital Presence to Match the Institution

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Company is a leading cultural institution and a New York treasure. We teamed up with development partner Agency Labs to introduce a new web platform, built on Drupal, that reflects the dynamism and rich heritage of the organization.


The Repertory pages provide an immersive look at the talent and artistry of the dance theater company.


Three Distinct But Unified Properties

In addition to showcasing and telling the story of the┬ádance theater group, we took on the redesign of the Ailey School, which offers world-class training for aspiring dancers, and the Ailey Extension, the organization’s public group fitness offering. We extended the Ailey brand across these properties and created a comprehensive visual system that brings cohesion to the entire ecosystem while making each property distinct.

Alvin Ailey Calendars
  • Alvin Ailey Style Guide 1
  • Alvin Ailey Style Guide 2
  • Alvin Ailey Style Guide 3
Alvin Ailey Mobile

A customer class finding tool guides users to find the right class at the Ailey Extension.

Alvin Alley Tool