Reimagining Gitman's Digital Presence

Gitman Brothers is a shirt brand that is synonymous with a rich heritage of American manufacturing. With roots tracing back to the 1930s, Gitman remains one of the few shirt makers with all of their production based in the USA. In the last decade, Gitman launched a second brand called Gitman Vintage dedicated to repurposing vintage fabrics. We worked with their team to reimagine the e-commerce experience for both brands on Shopify and create a brand aesthetic aligned with the product offering.


With a focus on Gitman’s manufacturing quality and heritage, the Gitman website features robust heritage and style & fit pages, a delightful “Made-to-Order” experience, and custom illustrations.

Gitman Vintage Secondary Screens

To get a look inside the manufacturing process and create content for the website, we joined Gitman for a trip to their factory in Ashland, PA.

Gitman Factory

Since every Gitman shirt is hand-made, Gitman offers customers the ability to customize every detail of their shirt. We built a custom made-to-order flow featuring hand-drawn illustrations to help show customers how their final shirt will look when it’s complete.

  • MTO 1
  • MTO 2
  • MTO 3
  • MTO 4
  • MTO 5
  • MTO 6

To highlight Gitman’s heritage, we developed custom illustrations to reflect the many facets of the Gitman brand.

In addition to the website, we created a series of flexible email templates to accommodate Gitman’s marketing needs. Transactional emails were also designed to ensure that all communications between the brand and the customer were consistent.

Gitman Vintage

For Gitman Vintage, every fabric has a story and for every customer, their GV shirt is a reflection of their story. Inspired by the concept of “stories”, we took an editorial approach to product pages by bringing the shirt fabric to the forefront and unfolding the fabric story as the user scrolls down.

Gitman Vintage Product page

The website also features a “Made to Order” flow that allows users to select a fabric and customize their shirt.

Gitman Vintage Video Thumbnail

GV releases new collections twice every year. To feature each collection’s look book, we created a dynamic grid template that adapts to the aspect ratio of the photos uploaded making the page feel unique every time.

Gitman Look Book

Extending The Brand

In an ongoing relationship with Gitman, our team at Studio_B helped to bring their products to life through product photography and video. Through content, we saw an opportunity for Gitman Vintage to invite more curiosity into the men’s shirt space through unexpected and quirky creative that challenges what it means to be a shirt company.

Gitman Vintage Fall
  • Gitman Vintage Fall Campaign
  • Gitman Vintage Fall Shoot