Bringing the Festival Experience Online

Since 1931 dancers, dance-connoisseurs, and dance fans travel far and wide to experience a performance at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival in the Berkshires. We worked with Jacob’s Pillow to help bridge the gap between online and in-person visits with a focus on reimagining the brand, making it easy to plan a visit, and highlighting key content for the many user types.

A Unique Calendar Tailored to Festival Goers

When planning a trip to Jacob’s Pillow, visitors typically spend up to a week watching outdoor performances or attending post-show talks. To make it easy for festival goers to plan ahead, we built a custom calendar organized by week with robust filtering to find the events best suited for their visit.

An Event Detail Page Built for Flexibility

During festival season, every day is packed with a number of events. We created a template flexible for any type of event with a focus on key content areas to highlight the experience and when the event will take place.

A Modular Approach

With Jacob’s Pillow’s ever-growing needs as an organization, we took a modular approach to the design. In WordPress, Jacob’s Pillow is able to create pages and change the order of content based on their current needs.

Jacob's Pillow Dance Interactive

Jacob’s Pillow Dance Interactive is a microsite that features curated dance video clips of artists who have performed at the acclaimed Jacob’s Pillow summer dance festival since 1931. The microsite aims to expand the global audience for dance, making exclusive dance content accessible on the web. We took the previous microsite that was built on Drupal and rebuilt the interactive site on WordPress.

The site features an interactive guess game for all dance audiences to test their expertise. Questions and answers are dynamically populated so users can play again and again.

To create an immersive and educational experience, we created a custom video player that displays the video at the largest possible size but highlights video information as an interactive overlay, even at full scren. Used as a tool for many dance students and scholars, the background information for each performance is just as important as the video itself.

We created a robust browse section so users can browse performances by any preference or dance topic.

  • Jacobs Pillow Browse 1
  • Jacobs Pillow Browse 2
  • Jacobs Pillow Browse 3
  • Jacobs Pillow Browse 3

In addition to video content, Jacob’s Pillow has engaged dance scholars to create long-form content focused on specific dance themes. We created an editorial experience within the site to feature these essays.

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