Sakara Life specializes in fresh, organic meals delivered weekly to your door.

Discovering The Power Of Food

Founded in 2012, by Whitney Tingle and Danielle DuBoise, Sakara Life’s mission is to help transform people’s lives through the power of food. The founders turned their attention toward fresh, organic food to find answers to their own health struggles, and discovered the solution to healthy nourishment is in preparing and cooking plant-based meals. Soon this practice became their daily routine – and the rest is Sakara history.

Today, Sakara Life delivers to 48 states across the country and is a favorite among celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and Lily Aldridge. We worked with the Sakara team to redesign their Shopify website and order process, in addition to creating new assets for digital marketing.


A Focus on Education

After closely assessing how existing users were interacting with Sakara online, we found that a lack of education was a key factor for drop off. On the website, we created key pages to highlight the areas of the Sakara ecosystem that users are most interested in: the program itself, the founding story, and the science and nutrition.

  • Sakara_Nutrition_PopUp
  • Sakara_AboutPage

A Guided Order Process

We developed an order process that integrates education from other parts of the site to help guide users through the flow and highlight the benefits of Sakara. With helpful tips at almost every step, users can simply make a selection or stop and learn more about the program as they customize their plan. The steps are expanded into a series of questions to reflect the personal tone of Sakara’s Wellness Concierge.


Learning from Real Users

We conducted a number of workshops with the Sakara team to develop two unique directions to later test with new and existing Sakara customers. These user testing sessions were a helpful tool to understand how customers currently use the site, hear their opinions on the proposed designs, and learn how the Sakara program was being communicated to new customers.

  • SakaraMobileHomepageWireframes

Bringing It All Together

After launching the new order flow, we reimagined the rest of the website to better unify Sakara’s core offerings: S Life Mag (blog) and Clean Boutique (shop).

Customizing the Customer Experience

We design a fully customized logged in website experience to allow existing customers to easily manage their subscription, read Sakara’s S Life blog, or shop Clean Boutique products across all devices.

Extending The Brand

In addition to the website, we created a number of assets to be used for Sakara’s digital marketing efforts. This included a flexible email template to promote campaigns, and various social and display ads to experiment with different ways to communicate the Sakara program.