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Setting the New Standard in Men's Sizing

Did you know that 85% of men have trouble finding a shirt that fits? Frustrated by mass-produced sizing, Stantt decided it was time for a change. Based on the body scans from of a variety of men, they have created over 99 custom sizes. Stantt’s high-quality fabrics, modern styles and a perfect fit are a testament to their belief in helping you look and feel better. 

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Reimagining the Stantt Experience

To streamline and educate the made to order shirt experience, Stantt engaged Barrel to redesign their store on Shopify to update Stantt’s look and feel, positioning them as modern, luxury, brand in the men’s fashion industry.

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Designing the Perfect Shirt

In addition to showcasing a variety of colorful patterns and styles, each shirt has the option to be fully customized. Without leaving the product page, customers can personalize their shirt by changing the collar, cuff, placket and buttons.

Customization flow

Guiding Customers to a Great Fit

In an effort to simply the fit-finding experience, Barrel came up with an approach that allowed customers to get their size on-the-go. With the Stantt Fit Quiz, visitors can worry less about taking measurements, and spend more time browsing their comprehensive selection of patterns and styles.

Quiz and quiz results

To help guide your fit-finding journey, Barrel created Stan The Virtual Tailor.

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Extending the Brand

In an effort to target new customers, Barrel developed a series of landing pages with a key call to signing up for the newsletter. Through the newsletter, customers learn about the Stantt story and are encouraged to find their fit.

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From day 1, Barrel was fantastic to work with. We were initially drawn to them for their clear focus on our customer and the unique journey of our product. Not only did they do a fantastic job of helping us map the nuances of the journey, but they also hit it out of the park with the designs. We were also impressed with how they kept the development timeline moving and on-schedule and launched with no issues, despite a huge amount of complexity.

Matt Hornbuckle Co-Founder, Stantt

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