Simplifying Men’s Skin Care

Tiege Hanley is a fast-growing men’s skin care company founded with the goal of helping guys look and feel amazing. Their subscription-only product is an alternative to the existing confusing product experience that is pervasive in the men’s skin care market. We worked closely with the Tiege Hanley team to re-imagine their Shopify Plus site and provide a best-in-class e-commerce experience.

Converting Through Education

The new site focuses on helping educate consumers on both the Tiege Hanley Skin Care and Acne Systems while also explaining why skin care is fundamental to healthy living. These key moments are used to increase overall conversions on the site by giving important contextual information about the products during the user’s path to purchase.

The Product Detail Page highlights the key benefits of the different systems, the ingredients, reviews, and testimonials from Tiege Hanley’s existing clientele. The experience is mobile first and allows for users to seamlessly explore the different levels and full product offering.

Additionally, a contextual cart encourages users to upgrade their existing system before continuing to checkout.

Optimizing Top of Funnel Traffic

A suite of marketing landing pages were implemented to facilitate Tiege Hanley’s on-going outbound marketing strategies. These pages feature flexible sections that can be repositioned based on the needs of the individual campaign its facilitating.

Creating A Fully Integrated Digital Retention Strategy

In accordance with Tiege Hanley’s retention strategy, we designed a fully custom ReCharge dashboard where subscribers can customize their subscription details including frequency, plan, and adding one-time products to their next order. After performing quantitative and qualitative research, we were able to pinpoint customers’ existing pain points and removed these points of friction in the newly designed dashboard.

Additionally, the Skin EDU, Tiege Hanley’s skin care blog, was redesigned and optimized to encourage further exploration to other readings and the Tiege Hanley systems.

A Positive Response

The initial launch of the new site garnered positive fanfare as users overwhelmingly agreed that the site was a great e-commerce experience, worthy of the moniker ‘uncomplicated.’