An On-Going Digital Partnership

Wanderlust, a fast-growing yoga lifestyle brand known for its festivals and events, approached us in 2015 to help improve and expand their digital properties. Since then, we’ve collaborated on a number of initiatives ranging from user experience enhancements to backend optimizations and the launch of new business ventures.

Wanderlust Shop

Creating a Global Navigation

To provide a seamless experience across all Wanderlust digital properties, we designed and built a mobile-first global navigation. The navigation traverses across different platforms such as WordPress, Uscreen, and Merch Direct.


Building a Robust Style Guide

As we worked on multiple projects with Wanderlust, we developed a cohesive visual design style guide that could serve as a valuable resource in keeping the branding consistent from project to project.

Wanderlust Style Guide

A New Way to Highlight Events

An important focus has been to rethink and evolve the user experience of Wanderlust’s events, namely their flagship multi-day Festivals and their single-day¬†108s. We overhauled the way these sections were organized and introduced new and dynamic ways to experience the energy of the events on the site.

  • Wanderlust Festival
  • Wanderlust 108