Wunder Creamy Case Study Hero

Bringing Quark to the US

We worked with Wünder Creamery, a spoonable cultured dairy product called quark, to represent their weird & wünderful brand personality online through the development of new content, a new website, and a digital brand system. In conjunction with their package redesign and in-store launch, the website acts as a resource for consumers looking to learn more about the nutritional benefits, flavor varieties, and recipes.

Wunder Creamery Homepage

A core part of the website redesign was the product detail page, to showcase information on the variety of Wünder’s flavors from the expected (blueberry, vanilla & coconut) to the unexpected (matcha, coffee). Reinforcing Wünder’s small batch family-farm craft, the product detail page clearly displays nutrition facts, reinforces the benefits, and exposes the simple, all-natural ingredients. To captured each flavor’s individual personality, accents and illustrations on the product page change color corresponding to the flavor.

Wunder Creamery PDP

Content Creation

To bring the product to life online, our team at Studio_B created playful custom illustrations, shot ingredient-focused product photography, and developed a stop-motion video that showcases what’s inside every cup.

Wunder Creamery Illustrations

Find & Eat Wünder

While Wünder isn’t available to purchase on the website, we created a robust Store Locator so consumers can easily find where Wünder is sold near them. In addition, in a continuing effort to educate customers on the many ways to wünder, a recipe listing page was created to highlight the savory and sweet recipes.

Wunder Creamery Store Locator and Recipe Templates