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Fellow is a One Stop Shop for the Full Service Coffee Experience

What We Bought

Fellow Stagg EKG+ Electric Kettle

Date Purchased:
March 17, 2022
Coupons Used:
Subscription 10% Off

Fellow, a product company that creates beautiful and functional coffee products, is a one stop shop for customers looking to brew a great cup of coffee. Their wide range of products includes coffee grinders, kettles, pour overs, and coffee beans. 

Fellow's expanded mobile navigation

Their navigation easily navigates customers to the products they are looking for by featuring categories to guide customers such as 'Grind & Brew' and 'Drink & Serve'.

The navigation uses a mixture of text and images to get customers closer to discovering the product they're looking for.

A variety of products offered by Fellow

The product listing page filters products based on color and price which allows the user to drill down and find what they’re looking for. There’s also a Quick Add button when you hover over the product thumbnail so you can easily uncover more information and also add to cart without disrupting your browsing experience.

Fellow’s blog post walks users through the process of making pour over coffee

For customers who need guidance on how to brew different types of coffee, there is a collection of brewing guides in Fellow’s Learn section on the website. These articles range from instructions and helpful tips to recipes for customers to get the most out of their brewing experience. 

For customers who are interested in exploring different types of coffee, Fellow has a weekly drop that customers can sign up for via SMS.

This page explains how Fellow’s exclusive weekly coffee drops work

Fellow texts customers who are subscribed to their SMS program with exclusive access to limited edition coffee drops on a weekly basis. Once you receive the text you will have a certain amount of time to place an order. You can simply respond back with the number of bags you want to purchase and Fellow will take care of the rest.   

Text messages from Fellow announcing weekly coffee drops

Photo Credit:

Thumbnail photo by Jen Chang

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