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Graza Olive Oil Has a Hidden Messaging in Their Unboxing Experience

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Graza Drizzle & Sizzle

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Graza, an all natural olive oil from Spain, creates a memorable experience for their customers starting when the package arrives at their doorstep.

Immediately upon receiving the package, customers can see the bright green tape with the branded illustrations wrapping the box. The logo and icon are wrapped around the sides as well in an oversized font.

Upon opening the box, Graza's tagline “always fresh, never blended single origin’ is stamped in a badge above a statement about their mission for olive oil. 

Graza's products get customers excited to use them through the bright labels, large typography, and illustrations. The description of the olive oil’s use is also right on the packaging for finishing oil vs cooking oil so customers can easily distinguish between them in their closet.

On the back of the product, Graza shares a secret about olives and a fun fact for customers so they are always encouraged to keep learning more about the process of making olive oil. 

When a customer is finished with their bottle, they make reordering easy through a conveniently placed QR code right at the bottom of the bottle.

Inside each box, Graza shares a printed mailer with instructions of how to enjoy and appreciate the olive oil. This includes what to do when you open it: Inhale the smell, try a small sip and notice the strong difference between the quality of this oil versus conventional olive oils.

Graza goes the extra mile and includes hidden messages for customers to get surprised by, such as ‘Whoah, nobody’s ever looked down here before, howdy’. This message is discoverable under all of the interior packaging, when you’re recycling your box.

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Thumbnail photo courtesy of graza.co