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How BABOON TO THE MOON Develops a Community and a Lifestyle Through Their Social Media Strategy

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BABOON TO THE MOON designs for life's adventures by providing high quality gear made to last. They use their Instagram account to showcase products, build a community, and show their products in use.

A series of posts for their City Bag that showcases several colors

BABOON TO THE MOON creates branded campaigns on Instagram to promote their new colors and patterns. In promotion of their City Bag, they created collages with colors that complement each bag.

One set from their series of places to visit on your travels

BABOON TO THE MOON sells a lifestyle through their marketing; they curate travel guides to inspire their audience with recommendations for their next trip. These travel guides highlight restaurants, bars, and landmarks to visit.

One of their influencers and how they use their bag in their day to day activities

BABOON TO THE MOON’s “Anywhere, Everything” series spotlights how their bags fit into the lifestyle of an influencer. Showing their bags in use provides social proof to the audience which can encourage a purchase.

Diagrams showing special parts of the tote bag

In their “Meet the Bag” series, they created short videos that spotlight different features of the product. Since they do not have a physical store to test out the products, these “Meet the Bag” posts help the audience understand the features of the bags such as the different pockets and handles, without any physical interaction.

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Thumbnail photo courtesy of BABOON TO THE MOON

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