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How Cadence Uses Storytelling to Create a Seamless Website

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Cadence, a company that sells compact travel containers, is on a mission to provide a versatile and sleek way to organize small items, such as liquids and dry pills, through an innovative and sustainable product. Their website uses animations, user generated content (UGC), and educational content about their manufacturing process to increase their conversion rate. 

Cadence’s About page

Cadence’s About page educates customers about their sustainability engineering practices through a seamless scrolling experience. Through animated illustrations, customers can learn about Cadence’s design and manufacturing process in an easily digestible way.

Because traveling can be a stressful experience, Cadence commits to make packing for travel as stress-free as possible. On their product detail page, Cadence highlights a few features of their capsules through videos and simple copy, showing customers how they are designed to be travel-friendly and easy to use. 

Cadence’s Routines page; One of their customer’s routines page

Cadence’s Routines page features articles of how customers use their products as part of their daily routine through UGC. For each customer, they show a mini Q&A and an index of the capsule system they use, as well as what liquids and dry pills they use their capsules for. 

Cadence’s FAQ page; Impact page

Cadence also provides supplemental information about how to use their products on their FAQ page. On their Impact page, Cadence lays out their purposeful approach to design a sustainable product that is made to last. Customers can learn that Cadence’s capsules are made from 20% recycled ocean-bound plastic, and 30% are from scrap manufacturing materials.

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