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How Mejuri Utilizes Data for Perfectly Curated Recommendations

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Mejuri Dôme Hoops

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Toronto-based jewelry maker, Mejuri, creates high-quality designs that have disrupted the industry by making fine jewelry for the every-day attainable. Putting personalization tactics to use, they also make it tempting (and easy) to stock up on your favorite styles with their data-supported, curated emails.

Dôme Hoops on the Mejuri Website

Mejuri fosters customer loyalty and provides value by leveraging a customer’s previous purchases to make recommendations for future purposes. In this case, matching items to a recently purchased pair of gold Dôme Hoops.

Personalized Post-Dôme-Purchase Email

Showcasing a curated selection of complimentary Dôme-collection jewelry, Mejuri encourages customers to “Round it Out” and complete the look.

Curated Dôme Recommendations

In addition to this personalization, pieces are digitally merchandised with both up-close and styled images so that customers can see all the details, as well as exactly how the piece will wear.

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Photo Courtesy of Mejuri.com