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Hum Nutrition


Hum Nutrition Provides A Personal Health Coach Through Their Quiz

What We Bought

Hum Nutrition Gut Instinct™

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Subscription 15%, $10 off Quiz Code
What We Bought

Hum Nutrition Killer Nails®

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15% subscription, $10 Off Quiz Discount

Hum Nutrition, a vegan supplement company founded by Walter Faulstroh, becomes your personal health coach through their product finder quiz

Hum's homepage features how the program works, spotlights their nutritionists, and highlights customer testimonials.

Hum Nutrition informs customers about the benefits of taking the quiz on their custom landing page. This includes a personal health report, $10 off first orders, and curated product recommendations. A persistent step counter at the bottom of the page helps customers stay motivated knowing how much of the quiz is left.

Landing page for the quiz to highlight what you receive after taking the quiz.

The quiz asks customers about their eating habits such as what proteins they consume, what snacks they eat when they get cravings, and their current food habits.

The quiz features an indicator of where customers are in the quiz so they are always clear on their progress.

Just like a doctor’s office, Hum asks basic questions such as someone’s height and weight, and overall health goals. 

To ensure they capture the person’s information, they do not allow users to see their results till they enter their email and signing up for an account.

Quiz custom results page which includes top FAQs that customers have asked.

On the quiz results page, Hum introduces you to your personal health coach. The nutritionist provides an initial list of curated product recommendations based on your quiz results. A more formalized list of recommendations is emailed a day later.

They surface popular FAQ questions to ease customer concerns before purchasing and include ways to directly contact the nutritionist if they have more questions.

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