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Maximize Your Product Experience With an App Like This Popular Doggie Cam Brand

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Furbo Dog Camera

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As one of the leaders in the pet tech industry, Furbo expands their product experience with an app experience that helps customers easily set up their camera and maximize its use. 

The set-up guide for the Furbo app. 

Once customers open the box for their Furbo Dog Camera, a printed insert prompts them to download the Furbo Dog Camera app and follow the easy set-up instructions. The app guides users through connecting their camera to WiFi, how to use the treat-tossing feature, and how to encourage pups who may be wary of the new device in their home. 

During day-to-day use, customers are able to click into a live camera view, see videos related to specific actions like barking, movement, and sensing another person on camera. 

Where customers navigate to view the live Furbo feed or see clips of activity throughout the day. 

In addition to checking in on the live feed or seeing cute moments throughout your pet’s day, Furbo customers also have the option to take a screenshot, or save and download any clips from the day to keep. It’s a pleasant feature that helps users save and enjoy the cute moments they may have missed out on.

The quick snapshot our team grabbed when first looking at the Furbo live feed.

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