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The Beach Delivered to Your Inbox: Vacation’s Breezy Email Strategy

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Vacation Classic Lotion (Pack of 3)

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Vacation, a reef-friendly clean sunscreen brand dubbed “the world's best-smelling sunscreen”, celebrates the nostalgia of beach vacations through their email marketing. Their emails announce new products, promote sales and discounts, and provide interactive content for customers to do with their beach supplies.

Vacation website’s newsletter pop up

Vacation's newsletter pop up offers customers a 10% discount in the style of a vintage magazine ad to connect customers to a time when they shopped for sunscreen in magazines. 

Vacation's custom digital business card and welcome email

Their welcome email highlights products and promotes customers to follow their social channels. For customers who sign up for their membership and referral program, they provide a branded digital business card with a beach-themed job title. 

The email also promotes their newly released radio station on Poolsuite.fm, serving customers a summer playlist all year round in a 90s vintage-style website.

Vacation’s welcome reminder email

If a customer does not redeem their discount, Vacation sends two reminder email with a count down of when the code will expire to encourage customers to use the discount before it’s gone. Each reminder email offers different promotions and content in the email including value props, top products, and press features.

Vacation’s marketing emails

Vacation creates interactive content for their subscribers like showing them how to make a swan out of a pool towel, something customers may be familiar with if they stayed at a beach hotel in the 80’s and 90’s. 

Marketing email for SPF 30 Classic Spray

To promote individual products, like their Classic Spray, they send product-specific emails outlining the benefits of the products, press, customer reviews, and value props.

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