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Therabody Pulls Back the Curtain on Professional Recovery

What We Bought

Theragun Mini

Date Purchased:
June 6, 2022
Coupons Used:

Therabody has developed a range of wellness products, from percussive devices to muscle stimulators and topicals, that help people take control of their daily wellness.

Therabody’s Homepage

Therabody’s homepage utilizes a minimal tech-inspired design system to convey the breadth of their innovative wellness products. They also feature testimonials & recommendations from various professional athletes, models, and celebrities.

Brand Ambassadors Module

These testimonials continue to expand across the site featuring stories, recommendations, and tips from the world’s top professional athletes and organizations. 

By partnering with athletes from NBA players, to dancers, and even international soccer clubs Therabody is able to not only speak to their validity but entice users with aspiration.

Therabody’s PDP

Due to the innovative & unique nature of many of their products, Therabody gives users an upclose look at their products in action as well as comprehensive breakdowns of the science behind the product itself. 

Therabody also regularly takes advantage of free add-ons (titled “special offers”) as a motivator for users on the fence about purchasing.

Cycling Routines & Protocols Page

Therabody continues to back their claims through their activity specific “Routines & Protocols” pages. These guides act as not only funnel for educating potential customers about their products and how they can be integrated into personal routines, but as an effective way to bring users back to site post-purchase.

Photo Credit:

Imagery & Photos provided by Therabody

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