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Vacation Transports Customers To The Beach With This Interactive Website Feature

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Vacation Classic Lotion (Pack of 3)

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Vacation, a dermatologist-tested safe-for-use sunscreen company, translates their playful, nostalgic branding on their site to convert new customers and strengthen the connection between existing customers.

Vacation’s homepage

Vacation’s homepage surfaces their core product categories above the fold with visuals versus a traditional promotional banner. 

To cement their credibility in the suncare space, they include all of the press they’ve been featured in and spotlight specific press quotes that celebrate the products’ effectiveness. 

Vacation’s membership program and value props

To give customers the feeling of being at an exclusive pool club, Vacation promotes their membership and benefits such as exclusive merch, access to events, and a branded business card. 

Knowing that customers care about the environment and how a company gives back, Vacation spotlights their partnership with Hawaii Reef Friendly Mandate to promote their reef safe formulas. 

Vacation’s music customizer

To keep customers excited about the beach vibe, they have a custom music creator that DJs your time on the site. The customizations allow you to add in beach sounds like ocean breeze, bird sounds, beach bar, and tropical drums. The brand also has a partnership with poolsuite.fm and has a curated radio station so you can pretend you are at the beach any time of the year.

Their product page continues their unique branding by layering a product over a beach scene when you first land. The buy box on the product page surfaces their benefits, certifications, and all-natural ingredients. Vacation includes a review at the top of the product page to continue reinforcing how loved they are by customers, specifically because of their signature scent. 

The product page also highlights their Chief Medical Advisor, Dr. Elizabeth Hale, who is a doctor and a VP of the skin cancer foundation. While the company can come off as fun and playful, they do not shy away from talking about the serious side of skincare and cancer and make sure customers know that their products not only look and smell good but are highly effective.

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Thumbnail photo courtesy of vacation.inc