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Yeti GIFs and Checkerboard Shoes: How Vans Creates a Branded Email Experience for their Customers

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Vans Custom Comfy Cush Sk8 Hi

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Vans is a well-known skate company that pushes itself to be consistently fresh and “Off the Wall.” They evoke the do-it-yourself attitude that’s central to skateboarding in all of their products and have fun bringing the products to life in their emails.

The first email sent out to introduce the promotion and holiday season

To start off their Christmas sale, Vans encouraged their customers to order their gifts earlier in order to ensure that they will receive them in time for the holidays. This email planted the seed for a customer’s potential purchase because they started to think about what they want to gift from Vans.

The branded emails continue through the month with different callouts to products and sales that are going on

Throughout the month, Vans continued the look and feel of their unique holiday emails through custom illustrations and gifs that bring the products to life. These cohesive emails kept the holiday sale top of mind for customers and the colorful, illustrated design made them stand out.

Vans adds a banner to their other emails that reference the holiday sale

To keep promoting the sale, they added the branded holiday banners to other promotional emails they send throughout the month. This kept the customer aware of the sale in subtle ways that didn’t require a whole email.

As the holidays got closer Vans sends out “Last chance” emails

Due to needing to account for shipping times, Vans informed their customers about the last possible day they could order a product and receive it by Christmas. These big “Gifts under” sections made it easy for the customer to make a quick purchase while staying within their budget.

After the last day to ship on time, Vans starts promoting gift cards

Once the last shipping day had passed, Vans then started promoting gift cards. This gave any last minute gift shopper a chance to buy a gift without needing to worry about shipping times.

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