Shopify is discontinuing its Product Reviews app on May 6th, 2024 & partnering with Okendo! Barrel is working with Okendo to offer merchants a 3-month trial, seamless review migration, and end-to-end theme onboarding. Contact Us for Information

Build Loyalty and Credibility with Okendo

Barrel Partners with Okendo, a customer engagement platform, to increase customer retention, grow a brand's audience, and encourage conversion. Through Okendo's reviews, quizzes, loyalty, and surveys, companies can strengthen their relationship with existing customers and acquire new customers on Shopify Plus websites.

Barrel works with brands to design & build great ecommerce experiences on Shopify Plus.

Okendo Results

Okendo helps companies grow faster and more efficiently with an engaged community of loyal customers. Through high-impact social proof, they help build trust and drive conversions.


revenue influenced


survey response rate

How We Maximize Your Okendo Experience

 Collect High-Impact Reviews

High-impact ratings and reviews that help customers make faster, more confident purchasing decisions

 Interactive Product Finder

Personalized product recommendations create guided shopping experiences that accelerate new sales

✓  Seamless Klaviyo Integration

Leverage first-party data from your customers to send personalized emails and build customer profiles

 Learn About Your Customers

Through surveys, companies gain actionable insights to inform their business decisions more effectively

 Reduce Rate of Returns

Strengthen customer confidence when purchasing by providing relevant reviews, reducing return rates

 Build Customer Loyalty

Build customer retention through word-of-mouth referrals and a custom loyalty program

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Barrel Partner & CEO Lucas Ballasy on how to leverage customer data collected through Okendo to streamline the customer journey.

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