Barrel Spotlight Series

A celebration of different perspectives that can open minds, spark new ways of looking at the world, and foster creativity.

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Featured Talks

Our quarterly talks with speakers from diverse backgrounds who are making an impact in their fields.

Redefining Community in Business with Emily Wazlak

Emily advocates for resource equity to support aspiring entrepreneurs and startups. View Recap

The Future of Holistic Design with Amélie Lamont

Amélie considers the importance of the human experience when creating holistic design strategies. View Recap

Storytelling and Entrepreneurship with Finnegan Shepard

Finn celebrates a culture of inclusion by inviting all to take part in the conversation of his brand, Both&. View Recap

Creating an Authentic Brand with Paul Owusu

Connecting Paul’s cultural roots and passion for sophisticated drinks sparked a business for innovation. View Recap

Polycultural Brand Building With Khari Motayne

Khari shares his marketing insights for today's rapidly evolving culture. View Recap

Preserving Culture Through Design with Jared Yazzie

Jared Yazzie brings his Diné culture into his art and clothing brand, OXDX. View Recap

Breaking Barriers with Daniel Romanchuk

A career in sports has led Daniel on a pursuit for excellence and integrity. View Recap

Forward Thinking with Kim Goulbourne

A career in development and design has made Kim a leader in the tech industry. View Recap

Creating Community with Adina Diaz

The pandemic shook her business, but through the struggle came a new brand. View Recap

Diversifying Design with Tré Seals

Tré talks the impact and power of design on communities. View Recap

Building A Brand with Sandro Roco

Through investing in people and communities, Sandro learned how to grow his brand. View Recap

Mindful Explorations with Juno Kim

Juno tells Barrel his story of success, burnout, and his journey to mindfulness. View Recap

Crafting Narratives with Dena Igusti

Dena chats about the artful and thoughtful process of writing and perceiving. View Recap

Finding Harmony with Demetria Joyce Bailey

Demetria talks about passions, challenges, and making time to do what you love. View Recap

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