Increase Customer Retention and Boost LTV with Recharge

Barrel partners with Recharge, the leading subscription payment solution, to help ecommerce merchants of all sizes launch and scale subscription offerings. Recharge seamlessly integrates with Shopify Plus, allowing companies to add an extra revenue layer to their ecommerce site.

Barrel works with brands to design & build great ecommerce experiences on Shopify Plus.

Recharge's Results

Recharge drives repeat business from company's existing customers through their easy subscription management tool. This unlocks new growth opportunities businesses with a powerful recurring revenue stream.


churn reduction


in LTV

How We Maximize Your Recharge Experience

 Made for Shopify

A seamlessly Shopify and Shopify Plus integration makes it easy to add an extra revenue layer to your site

 Easy Subscription Management

The Affinity Dashboard makes subscription order management easy through editing, modifying, and pausing

✓  Smart Product Bundling

Bundle multiple products to create a custom "build-your-own-box" experience for customers

 Exclusive Subscriber Offers

Encourage repeat purchases through exclusive offers and gifts that surprise and delight existing subscribers

 Nurture Retention

Increase LTV and reduce churn by launching and testing targeted, personalized flows

 Unified Checkout

A unified checkout makes it effortless for customers whether ordering a subscription, one-time purchase, or both

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Client Success

The Outset

Routine Subscription Builder

To increase The Outset's customer retention and encourage them to build a daily skincare routine, we integrated subscriptions through Recharge across the site.

This included a subscription frequency selection depending on how often the customer wanted to receive their products and  Recharge's Affinity Dashboard to create a seamless subscriber experience.

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Client Success

Seafood & Snack Brand

Subscription Upsells Within the Cart

For a prominent seafood and snack CPG brand, we integrated Recharge to make it easy for customers to subscribe to monthly deliveries of their favorite products. This included an upsell from one-time products to subscription in the mini cart.

Recharge's Affinity Dashboard made it easy for customers on-the-go to modify their orders such as skipping shipments or pausing their subscription.

Client Success


Suncare All-Year Round

We launched Pavise's first ecommerce site with a Recharge subscription integration that encouraged customers to apply SPF all year-long. Pavise's website educates customers about the difference between UVA & UVB light, and how sun care is even important during the winter season.

The PDP subscription frequency selector simplified the process for customers when determining how often they needed the product, depending on how frequently they reapply their SPF.

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