Actionable Insights to Grow Your E-Commerce Business

Our e-commerce website audit provides a deep-dive into your site's performance & opportunities that lead to concrete next steps. Whether it's optimizing load times, refining navigation, or enhancing conversion pathways, our audit delivers actionable insights tailored to your specific business goals.

Our Complete E-Commerce Audit Includes

 E-Commerce Usability

A thorough review of your site's usability along with actionable recommendations.

 Shopify Tech Review

Focus is on site speed, on-page SEO, and code quality. Must be on Shopify/Shopify Plus.

✓  Purchase Experience

We leverage our DTC Patterns experience to surface UX & marketing insights for your brand.

 Analytics Implementation & Analysis

Traffic analysis, mobile conversion rate performance, audience behavior, and more.

 CRM Optimization

Segmentation review, email/SMS lead capture, automation recommendations, and more.

 GTM/GA4 Setup

Customer journey walkthrough and tracking goals, tag configuration, event analysis, and more.

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Who It's For

E-Commerce Teams

Barrel's website audit is tailored to brands with an existing e-commerce channel who are looking for opportunities to improve the customer journey, drive conversion, and increase retention.

Private Equity Investors

Recently acquired a business with e-commerce or considering a move? Our e-commerce website audit can help you benchmark current performance, identify improvement opportunities, and create a roadmap for future success.

How It Works

01 — Intake & Kickoff Meeting

An efficient intake and setup process along with a kickoff call to align on outcomes.

02 — Findings & Recommendations

Comprehensive audit reports along with supporting visuals and clear recommendations.

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03 — Audit Walkthrough Q&A

A recorded Zoom call with a lead strategist to review the audit report with opportunities to clarify any questions.

04 — Implementation Roadmap

We estimate out tasks and create a project plan for implementation.

Client Success


Simplifying Buying Eyewear Online

We focused our eyebobs audit on site performance, their product matrix, and user experience. We reviewed eyebobs' existing integrations and identified opportunities to streamline their app ecosystem. Through collaborative workshops between the Barrel and eyebobs teams, we learned about how their team is structured and how they manage product data for the site.

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Client Success


Streamlining the Customer Journey for a Growing Technology Brand

We kicked off our engagement with Willow by conducting a website audit. We identified crucial opportunities to enhance their customer journey, highlight their flagship Pump product, and strengthen their social proof among their dedicated community of mothers.

Following the audit's completion, we collaborated with Willow to integrate the insights into their primary ecommerce pages, aiming to boost conversion rates and elevate their average order value (AOV).

Client Success

Two Blind Brothers

Improving The Returning Customer Journey Experience

After our comprehensive website audit, we identified a series of retention opportunities on the Two Blind Brother's site and across the customer journey. We initiated a major shift in their online strategy by reimagining The Reserve Collection as an exclusive collection—only available to customers who purchased their Shop Blind box.

After we launched the website optimizations, Two Blind Brothers saw 4.8x more Reserve Collection sign ups and a 2.2% increase in AOV.

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Two Blind Brother's Audit and Website Strategy

Client Success

Restorative Elements

Optimizing the Bundling and Subscription UX

We started our engagement with Restorative Elements through website audit which identified key opportunities to streamline their customer journey, outline the benefits of subscription, and educate customers about how to use the products in a multi-step skincare routine.

Upon completing the audit, we worked with Restorative Elements to implement the insights from the audit on their key ecommerce pages.

Relief Factor Website Audit Graphic

Client Success


Enhancing Product Discovery

We conducted a comprehensive audit of JOYÀ's website, aimed at enhancing user experience and boosting conversion rates. Our audit encompassed an in-depth analytics review, evaluation of UX & design best practices, and thorough assessment of Shopify technical & site performance.

During the audit, we identified an opportunity to enhance the product discovery journey by integrating product education and storytelling. This approach would fostering higher conversion rates while strategically aligning the benefits of the products with a customer's health-related concerns.

Joya website Audit Graphic

Client Success

Fire Department Coffee

Strengthening Customer Retention

We completed a thorough audit of Fire Department Coffee's customer journey, email, and SMS flows to pinpoint opportunities for consolidation and enhancement, ultimately aiming to elevate the overall customer experience, foster retention, and boost revenue.

During this audit, we identified areas for improvement in their email and SMS sign-up forms, segmentation strategy, and ecommerce automation flows.

FDC Website Audit Graphic

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CX Insights Graphic

CX Insights

Barrel's latest product, powered by DTC Patterns, provides DTC Patterns-style research for your own e-commerce site, complete with opportunities & improvement areas.

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