Strengthening Retention Through Access to an Exclusive Collection

Two Blind Brothers is a not-for-profit online retailer on a mission to find a cure for blindness by donating 100% of their profits to the Foundation Fighting Blindness. Two Blind Brothers came to Barrel to audit their existing customer journey to increase the number of repeat customers.

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Creating a Seamless Customer Journey for Returning Customers

After our comprehensive website audit, we identified a series of retention opportunities on the Two Blind Brother's site and across the customer journey. We initiated a major shift in their online strategy by reimagining the Reserve Collection as an exclusive collection—only available to customers who purchased their Shop Blind box.


Increase in AOV

Two Blind Brother's Audit and Website Strategy

A New Look for the Reserve Collection

We reimagined The Reserve Collection's digital identity as an elevated extension of the Two Blind Brother's brand. This aesthetic reflects the premium quality of their products, which are made with bamboo for extra softness and durability.

Increasing AOV Through Dynamic Product Bundling

We increased their returning customer's AOV through bundling and dynamic upsells across the PDP, mini cart, and checkout. We integrated Rebuy on the Reserve Collection's site including their A/B testing tool to monitor the performance of the upsell modules.

Two Blind Brothers Product Page and Mini Cart

Reinforcing the Two Blind Brother's Mission

We created an interactive storytelling module on The Reserve Collection landing page that replicates the visual impairment the founders have to build empathy with users and encourage them to make a purchase to support the Foundation for Fighting Blindness.

Video Commerce to Tell the Product Quality Story

To effectively showcase the The Reserve Collection's product quality and build credibility with customers, we embedded videos into the product detail and product landing pages. The videos, powered by Tolstoy, show the products in use through UGC and highlight each garment's fit, fabric, and design.

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