Drive Customer Engagement and Conversion Through Tolstoy's Video Commerce

Barrel partners with Tolstoy, a video commerce platform, to boost sales, increase conversion, and reach new customers on Shopify Plus websites. Tolstoy capitalizes on customer engagement, knowing that short-form video currently constitutes 82% of online content.

Barrel works with brands to design & build great ecommerce experiences on Shopify Plus.

Tolstoy Results

Through shoppable videos, video quizzes, interactive FAQs, and SMS campaigns, Tolstoy drives engagement and conversion for customers. This is great for both encouraging product discovery and building lifetime value.




time on site

How We Maximize Your Tolstoy Experience

 Shoppable Videos

Surface products featured directly in UGC videos for contextual shopping moments

 Interactive Quizzes

Video quizzes guide customers to the best product and/or brand content for their preferences

✓  Hybrid Video Social Feed

Tolstoy makes it easy to embed all video social feeds into one library to choose from

 Increase Engagement & Time on Site

By letting customers scroll through a feed of videos, viewers are engaged for up to 3x longer

 Dedicated Video Landing Pages

Send paid traffic to dedicated video landing pages and video feeds that will increase engagement and conversion

 Video Insights & Data

Responses collected from the quizzes provide immediate insights into customers’ behaviors and interests

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Client Success

Sweet Loren's

Brand Storytelling & Recipes

The Sweet Loren's website provides an immersive educational experience through video commerce on the homepage and product detail pages (PDP), showcasing their brand story and product usage.

Incorporating Tolstoy videos onto these key pages increased the user's average time on the page by 53.8%.

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Client Success


Making Suncare Science Accessible

Pavise believes that science should be accessible for everyone. We therefore integrated comprehensive storytelling across the site to educate customers about the product's effectiveness in preventing cancer, wrinkles, and sun damage.

This included embedded Tolstoy video quizzes and shoppable UGC videos breaking down sun-care science and the effectiveness of their products.

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Client Success

Two Blind Brothers

Product Quality Storytelling

To effectively showcase the The Reserve Collection's product quality and build credibility with customers, we embedded  videos through Tolstoy into the product detail and product landing pages.

The videos show the products in use through UGC and highlight each garment's fit, high-quality fabric, and unique design.

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