Shopify 2.0 Migration and a Framework Built for Scale

Sweet Loren's is a baked goods company that makes cookies with clean, natural ingredients. Migrating their site to Shopify 2.0 facilitated clear pathways for effortless shopping and immersive brand exploration. This enabled customers to explore Sweet Loren's extensive collection of recipes and blog content while maintaining a cohesive brand story.

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Shopify 2.0 Migration & Website Framework

We migrated Sweet Loren’s from WooCommerce to Shopify 2.0, including the migration of their products and 300+ blog posts.

The Shopify 2.0 CMS dramatically improved the client’s back-end experience including editing the content on the website, creating new pages as they launch new products, and managing orders.

Blending Product Storytelling and Conversion Through Video Commerce

The website provides an immersive educational experience through video commerce on the homepage and product detail pages (PDP), showcasing Sweet Loren's brand story and product usage. Powered by Tolstoy, incorporating these videos onto these key pages increased the user's average time on the page by 53.8%.

Designed for Speed: A Migration and Redesign in 3 Months

To launch the Sweet Loren’s site efficiently in 3 months, we strategized a two phase launch, first prioritizing the key ecommerce pages and second focusing on the storytelling pages. With the Shopify 2.0 framework in place, we built flexible templates that supported their growing business and expanding product line; Pumpkin Spice and Mint Chocolate cookies launched within 3 months of the website launch.

Bridging the Gap Between Retail and Online

Knowing that retail continues to be a top channel for Sweet Loren's, we integrated a store locator, powered by Destini, to make it easier for customers to find their favorite product lines and flavors in their local stores.

Strengthening Retention Through Email Marketing

We created personalized email automation flows, built on Klaviyo, including a Welcome flow that educates customers on the founder's story and product benefits.

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