Shopify ADA Compliance & Accessibility Services

At Barrel, we design and build Shopify websites with accessibility as a key requirement. We also help brands remediate existing websites to improve accessibility.

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Why is Accessibility Important?

An accessible Shopify experience is crucial for reaching a broader audience and ensuring that everyone can access your products and services.

Implementing accessibility best practices not only enhances the user experience but also aligns with legal requirements like the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Having an accessible website mitigates any legal action that can be taken against your business.

How We Design & Build ADA Compliant Shopify Sites

 Designing for Accessibility

We design according to ADA best practices, focusing on color contrast, typography hierarchy, and UI/UX accessibility.

 Coding for Accessible Functionality

Adhering to WCAG's guidelines, we incorporate semantic HTML, ARIA labels, and keyboard navigation when building and testing our sites.

✓  Shopify Website Remediation

We collaborate with clients to remediate findings from accessibility audits on their Shopify website.

 In-Depth Website Management Training

We train our clients to ensure that the content on their site is accessible to all users with our in-depth Shopify website content management training.

 Ongoing Accessibility Testing

We integrate accessibility checks, including screen reader testing, into our QA process using tools like WAVE every time new updates are made to the site.

 Leveraging Accessibility Experts

For clients looking to obtain a letter of conformance and in-depth testing, we work with leading accessibility firm Allyant to provide extra support.

Our Partnership with Allyant

, 3rd Party Accessibility Consultants  

Automated web accessibility scanners leave gaps in your compliance. Allyant's highly-skilled accessibility experts will evaluate websites using assistive technologies and send a comprehensive report.

Barrel helps brands remediate findings from the accessibility audit, ensuring that the audit issues are implemented. Upon completion, Allyant issues a letter of conformance certifying compliance.

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Our Shopify Website Accessibility Process with Allyant

01 — Kickoff Meeting

Before the audit begins, we align with the client and audit partner on the accessibility level they are looking to achieve (e.g. A, AA, AAA).

02 — Accessibility Audit

Allyant runs a comprehensive accessibility audit on the Shopify site with a mix of real users and assistive technologies.

03 — Remediation

Barrel implements the findings from the audit. We first create a roadmap to estimate the effort and then prioritize all of the issues.

04 — Certification

Once all of the issues have been remediated, Allyant issues a letter of conformance certifying the website's compliance.

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