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Capturing Aix-en-Provence

Bastide, formerly Côté Bastide, is a reboot of an artisanal lifestyle brand from Aix-en-Provence, France. We collaborated on the launch of Bastide’s flagship e-commerce site (multi-lingual and on Shopify) which emphasizes natural beauty, the generations of knowledge possessed by its artisans, and the alluring atmosphere of Provence.

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Getting a True Feel for the Products

Our goal was to transport users to Provence as they browsed the products, helping them appreciate the light, the scenery, and the elements. The product pages, simple and elegant, showcase imagery that bring the product and its origins to life.

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We built a special feature that allows users to order free eau de toilette samples.

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Shoppable Stories

Striking the balance between content and commerce, Bastide’s Journal covers various topics from rich profiles of the brand’s “beautisan” makers to reflections on what makes for a fulfilling life. Each post has the ability to feature relevant products that gently guide users to a shopping flow.

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Email Templates

We created a set of flexible email templates that can be used for special promotions, product launches, and personalized messages.

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