A Community Gaming Site With a Bespoke Subbrand

PDP gives every gamer the opportunity to play with gear that is tailored to their personality, style, and interests. Barrel reimagined PDP's site on Shopify Plus to enhance conversion rates, strengthen customer retention, and easily manage their US and Canada stores through Shopify Markets.

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Connecting Customers With Platform-Compatible Products

During our comprehensive website discovery, we found that customers shop by platform. We therefore restructured PDP's navigation to direct customers to products compatible with their preferred platform. To further the platform storytelling, we created branded platform landing pages for Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Playstation, and PC to showcase products and collections for each platform.


increase in conversion during peak months


increase AOV MoM

Creating a Space for PDP's Community

To create a space where PDP's diverse audience felt welcome and celebrated, we infused multiple touch points where customers can join the community, support PDP's teams, meet their community members, and watch them stream on Youtube/Twitch.

Highlighting the Products With Tailored Product Pages

Aligning with the personality of PDP's products, we created conversion-focused, customized product pages that took the look-and-feel of the product and applied it to the entire page's shopping experience.

Shopping PDP Community's Favorite Setups

To encourage contextual shopping moments throughout the site, we highlighted the PDP community's "product set-up". These curated set-ups highlighted products that pair well together, ultimately encourages customers to increase their Average Order Value (AOV).

A Unique Microsite Experience for VICTRIX

To connect with the PDP's competitive gamer audience, we created a bespoke dark-mode microsite for their VICTRIX line. This included a customized homepage, product page, and PLP using the same structure of the PDP site with unique colors and UI elements to make the sub-brand stand out.

Building a Scalable Framework for an Expanding Product Line

We established an ecosystem of flexible modules to facilitate the creation of landing pages that announced new collections and products released throughout the year. This framework enables the PDP team to swiftly and efficiently introduce their latest launches.

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