Reimagining Moving for Businesses & Homes

Rentacrate is a DTC moving equipment company that makes moving for businesses and homes simple, sustainable, and smart. Barrel continues our long-term partnership with Rentacrate to help execute the brand’s goal of alleviating the stress of moving by providing sustainable moving tools as well as a full suite of services & labor tailored for commercial moves.

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Streamlining the Customer Journeys for Two Unique Audiences

We designed two distinct user journeys to address their commercial and residential audiences. This included creating dedicated audience-specific landing pages, highlighting special services only offered to commercial customers, and encouraging conversion through their comprehensive purchase flow.

Establishing Rentacrate as the Industry Leader

Rentacrate revolutionized how customers move by being the first to offer an online checkout on their site and a comprehensive list of moving services for businesses. We created custom how it works, reviews, and sustainability pages to clearly outline how Rentacrate stands out from the old way of moving. We also integrated UGC, reviews, and case studies throughout the site to build credibility.

Localized Content to Meet Customers Where They Are

We created a series of localized marketing landing pages and content that spoke to the pain points of moving within the 13 regions Rentacrate services. This initiative helped significantly grow, convert, and retain Rentacrate's customers.

Purchase Form Conversion Optimization

Through a website and analytics audit, we identified a significant drop-off on the Rentacrate purchase form. We conducted an A/B user test through Userlytics to test the best converting purchase form that reduced drop-off and then launched an optimized UX flow.

Post-Purchase and Abandoned Cart Emails

Customers often need more than one touchpoint when deciding on how they want to move. We designed automated abandoned cart and checkout email flows to convert customers when they have paused their decision-making process.

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