Build Customer Retention With Gorgias' Customer Service Solutions

Barrel partners with Gorgias, a help desk designed for Shopify Plus e-commerce stores, to offer retention-worthy support. From their AI-powered responses to their personalized on-site offers, Gorgias helps strengthen your connection with your customers and build relationships with new customers.

Barrel works with brands to design & build great ecommerce experiences on Shopify Plus.

Gorgias Results

Gorgias supports merchants in making their help center a loyalty and revenue driver. They also help companies build efficiencies in their internal processes.




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How We Maximize Your Gorgias Experience

 Easy Order Management

Customers can see real-time order status, request refunds and cancellations, and report issues

 Integrated Customer Data

Share customer data between tools and make updates in other apps directly within Gorgias

✓  Personalized Offers

Personalize offers through Gorgias Convert based on a customer's on-site behavior to increase conversion

 Ai to Increase Efficiencies

Respond faster and build efficiencies through Gorgias' Ai Automate tool

 Conversation Flows

Based on customer’s inputs, build interactive conversation scenarios to offer personalized responses

 Omni-Channel Responses

Follow the conversation across all of your channels including social and SMS

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Client Success


Skincare 101

For a new luxe skincare brand, with a revolutionary concept that sun-care is for 365 days a year, it was important for Pavise that their customer support was high-touch.

We helped Pavise integrate Gorgias's Helpdesk chat on their site to connect customers to relevant articles and real-time responses about products and SPF education.

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