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September 2021

Creating Community with Adina Diaz

Adina Diaz is an entrepreneur, aesthetician and certified reiki master. After working for over a decade in the field of esthetics, Adina Diaz decided that she must challenge the status quo and redefine our society’s standards of beauty and care by offering an uplifting and luxurious spa experience that is eco-friendly and fully inspired by Mother Nature. She feels passionate about helping her clients develop a consistent and nourishing skincare routine, as well as creating a community that values the wellness of a sustainable lifestyle and world.

One of LA's most in-demand holistic aestheticians, Adina founded Natural Feeling Spa in 2016 which quickly grew to a second location in Atlanta. In 2020, she launched her eco-friendly candle line, the Guided Flame Co.

Key Takeaways

01 If you have a passion in life, keep following and hustling

Through successes and pitfalls of following your passions, try to learn from every experience and pay close attention to when your strength is tested. You might just see growth through the process that will make it all worth it in the end.

02 When starting a business, know your finances

No matter what, and especially as you start your business, know exactly what’s going in and out, and work with experts. Rookie mistakes are easy to make (and Adina made them!) but getting your finances in order early on can prevent many of them. 

03 As painful as it may be, there are lessons to be learned in closing a business

Adina’s business was at the pinnacle of its success when the pandemic caused her to shut it down, but through experiencing the pain of its loss, she learned many new lessons that now benefit how she works today.

04 Expect and embrace the discomfort of change - the other side of progression looks good

When societal change occurs, there will always be discomfort and push back, but as Adina is experiencing, on the other side of that shift is the recognition and respect that business owners of color are finally receiving after generations of uncredited hard work.

05 Seek out help from other experts and specialists who do what you do

In discussing her daily routine, Adina emphasizes the importance of having other specialists in your life for motivation and inspiration, and to make sure you can continue educating yourself and fine-tuning your craft.

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