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August 2022

Storytelling and Entrepreneurship with Finnegan Shepard

Finnegan Shepard is a trans writer, classicist, and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Both&, a transmasculine and nonbinary apparel startup, and the creator of Limns, a monthly etymology newsletter. In the rest of his time, he writes and publishes literary fiction, and most recently, a play.

Key Takeaways

01 Listen and ask questions to identify the target audience

Brands and businesses are built upon the stories of people. In order to build something meaningful to people, it is vital to connect the brand’s equity to the target audience. 

02 Look to your community to power the pursuit of your ventures

In uncertain times of starting a business, listening to your community’s feedback will serve as inspiration to determine the way forward. 

03 Accept that no two journeys are alike

There is no formula to success, but reminding yourself of the purpose and mission helps to drive you towards it. 

04 Find an outlet to express your creativity

Creativity should be a self-sufficient act; it doesn’t matter if it will lead anywhere - it should be respected in and of itself.

05 Create a culture of inclusion by inviting all to the conversation

Inclusion is not about moving the fence for one group only to exclude another. It’s about celebrating with your community while allowing others to take part in the conversation.

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