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May 2021

Mindful Explorations with Juno Kim

Juno Kim is an explorer of consciousness and the mind, a student of life, and a generalist at heart. Juno is known for being a chef curating multi-sensory experiences for the top brands and tech companies in Vancouver. After going through a long, intense burnout, Juno embarked on a deep healing journey — he now aims to combine all of his past life experiences and his education in psychology and sociology to provide offerings intended to allow people to reconnect to themselves.

Key Takeaways

01 Don’t let success get in the way of progress

Despite Juno’s career in experiential dining finding success year after year, the endless hours of the industry held him back from feeling happiness and satisfaction. Soon after, he came to the realization that change was necessary for progression and self-fulfilment. 

02 When no one else can help you, look within

In tandem with the success of his career, Juno experienced a heavy burnout that led to the exploration of what was bringing him down, and after seeking the help of many, he learned that there are some situations in life in which you are the only person who can help yourself. 

03 Our beliefs are more than just the stories we tell

Throughout the journey of our lives, we tend to unconsciously attach stories and feelings onto experiences, which in turn can create biases about how we feel and how we perceive. Exploring and tapping into where those might come from is all part of becoming more mindful. 

04 Connecting back to what was disconnected can bring back equanimity

Through his mindfulness journeys, Juno realized that once we begin to reconnect with the parts of ourselves that once went ignored or avoided, we can begin to accept every part of ourselves and feel more equanimity through acceptance.

05 Become comfortable with the information that runs through your mind and body

Your mind and body tend to hold information, which may manifest in different ways. Practicing mindfulness and meditation can help you focus on what’s happening where, and feelings of discomfort or tension can dissipate when becoming more conscious and familiar with those feelings.

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