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April 2022

Preserving Culture Through Design with Jared Yazzie

Jared Yazzie is a Diné artist and business owner of fashion label, OXDX Clothing. Yazzie is a self-taught graphic artist and has been creating works since 2009. Currently, he operates a workshop and clothing retail storefront in Tempe, AZ with partner Allie Stone, who acts as the secondary half of the company. OXDX hopes to continue the Indigenous tradition of visual storytelling through bold graphic prints, strong statements, and positive Native representation in the fashion and streetwear industry.

Key Takeaways

01 Heritage and culture are a great source of inspiration 

Through his Diné culture, Jared has been inspired by the traditions and life experiences of his family, and the inspiration he takes from their life journeys is present and shines through when creating new work.

02 Creative expression is most meaningful when we use what's around us

Diné culture instills in each generation an appreciation for and meaning in everyday items and tools. Having this ingrained in Jared’s upbringing, he’s been able to see how having this mindset can deliver itself through creative expressions in design. 

03 When building a future, think about the community you’d like around yourself

Community is extremely important to Jared as it fosters growth and creativity, and he has plans to create and offer a space where teaching and learning is welcome among those who share common passions and goals. 

04 Create a life that encourages having room to grow

Jared received advice from a mentor to always put himself in situations where he can continue to grow. In doing so, he’s been able to expand his business and scale more than he ever expected.  

05 Incorporating culture and family history into the creative process can pass stories down through generations

Jared’s rich culture and rooted background not only makes his work more meaningful, it carries the origins and traditions of his family forward to keep their legacy living on through the garments he creates.

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