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April 2023

The Future of Holistic Design with Amélie Lamont

Amélie Lamont is a user-centered design expert with over two decades of experience in product design. They now develop product strategies that drive conversion for high-growth startups with a focus on product strategy.

Prior to becoming a Product Strategist, Amélie led and collaborated on design initiatives at companies such as The New York Times, Google, Meta, Apple, eBay, Adobe, Travelers Insurance, Booz Allen Hamilton, VenueBook, and Lola.

Key Takeaways

01 Be open to pivoting your career mid-journey

Take note of where your expertise and interests are leading you. Discovering new skill sets within yourself can open up new opportunities for innovation and creation. 

02 Embrace holistic thinking to create lasting solutions

When solving a problem, go beyond functional considerations and take into account the human experience. Using this people-centered approach can help us better understand and address the emotional and psychological impact of our decisions.

03 Find what best fuels your personal and professional growth 

It is important to engage in conversations that promote critical thinking and push oneself to new levels of creativity and innovation.

04 Practice mindfulness in providing feedback

Approach feedback as a dialogue rather than a one-sided exchange. Proactively seek feedback to foster a mindset of constant growth, embracing constructive criticism, and maintaining openness to change.

05 Foster a culture of knowledge through sharing and collaboration

Create open-source resources to support and empower underrepresented communities and social good initiatives, identifying areas where others with similar interests can benefit.

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