Building Customer Retention Through Chocolate Subscription Boxes and Loyalty

Hu is a fast-growing US-based snacking company offering high-quality, low-processed foods with an emphasis on getting back to a more "human" way of eating. With a focus on ecommerce, Hu came to Barrel to design and develop a new digital flagship experience. We launched their new Shopify Plus site with the goal of selling products while educating and expanding Hu's consumer base.

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Blending Product Education with Conversion

The Hu site balances telling the story behind their allergy-friendly products with multiple ways to purchase the products including bundling and subscription. We integrated product content and blog recipes to inspire customers of how to best use their products and encourage them to share their own content on social

A New Way to Shop for Chocolate Online

We redesigend their product detail page to increase conversion, push subscriptions, and break down what’s inside their delicious chocolates. This included shooting and featuring a new photo direction that showecased their ingredient transparency.

Increasing AOV Through Bundle Building

Through pre-made and customized bundles, we helped Hu increase their customer’s AOV. We developed a custom Building a Bundle experience that guides customers through building a box of chocolates that aligns best with their flavor preferences.

Fostering Customer Retention Through Loyalty

To help foster loyalty with new and existing customers, we built a custom loyalty landing page for their Hu Crew program that highlights the benefits of the program, ways to earn, and how to sign up. We conducted an A/B test on the loyalty program designs via Helio to ensure that the Loyalty Program would be effective when implemented on the site.

Continuing the Conversation with Customers on Email

We redesigned Hu's marketing and automated emails on Klaviyo to continue their ingredient-first product education, tell the founder's story, and encourage conversion through subscription.

Driving Traffic to the Site Through Hu's Influencers

We created a flexible landing page template for Hu's influencers to drive traffic to the site. This page made it easy to copy their unique discount code, discover the influencer's favorite products, and see a quote about why they love Hu.

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