Repositioning Joovv as an Industry Leader

Joovv creates the most powerful in-home red light therapy devices in the world. In parallel with their new product launch, we reimagined their brand and new Shopify ecommerce experience to position Joovv as a thought leader in red light therapy while highlighting the benefits of their products vs. competitors.

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Reintroducing Joovv

We developed a fresh digital identity system and website for Joovv to set them apart as the industry leader in the red light therapy and skincare. The website showcases their expertise in red light therapy, emphasizes the unique benefits of their products, encourages conversion, and increases LTV through their subscription program.

Educating Customers About Red Light Therapy

Joovv's website serves as an educational platform for prospective customers seeking information about red light therapy, its benefits, and effectiveness. Through a dedicated science page, blog, and educational modules across the site, the website ensures that customers, regardless of their knowledge level, can access both introductory and advanced red light therapy content.

Personalizing Recommendations Through a Product Finder

To guide customers through the product discovery process, a personalized quiz provide tailored recommendations based on their needs, goals, and lifestyle. This information is then used to provide a more tailored email and on-site experience.

Celebrating New Products With an Interactive Microsite

To celebrate the launch of their Joovv's product line, we designed an interactive microsite in WebFlow to tell the story of the new collection, highlight their benefits, and encourage conversion. This included a call out for existing customers to trade in their current devices and upgrade to the new 2.0 devices.

Growing Joovv's Community Through Their Influencers

To help Joovv continue to expand their audience, we created influencer landing pages that makes it easy for the influencer to drive traffic to the site and even easier for the user to copy their custom discount code.

Joovv Influencer Landing Page

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