Growing a Family of Luxury Brands

Rowing Blazers believes in the classics, but their approach to the classics is anything but stuffy; it’s youthful, inclusive, irreverent - and a little ironic. We helped Rowing Blazers redesign their Shopify website to drive revenue growth, support their global expasion, and deepen the connection to their brand.

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Streamlining the Customer Journey and Product Discovery Experience

Based on the insights from our initial UX and analytics audit, we streamlined the navigation and optimized the product discovery experience across the site. To educate customers about the story behind each product, we designed a PDP that highlights the size and fit, materials used, and the inspiration behind the design of the garment.


revenue growth 2018-2022


email driven sales  2018-2022

Built for Global Scale Through Shopify Markets

To facilitate Rowing Blazers selling their premium products across the world, we integrated Shopify Markets so they can easily manage all of their international stores in a single place. Users can select their location directly in the navigation, which updates the site with their respective currency.

Celebrating Rowing Blazer's Collections and Collaborations

To encourage customers to explore Rowing Blazer's breadth of collaborations, we created a separate navigation section to highlight these collections. To make each collection distinct, we integrated storytelling moments throughout the collection landing and product detail pages.

Partnering With the Rowing Blazers' Family of Brands

Since launching the Rowing Blazers site, we have continued to work with RB’s family of brands including launching Arthur Ashe, Gyles and George, and Warm&Wonderful. Based on the goals of each brand, we created bespoke experiences that celebrate the memorable products and story of each apparel company.

Building an Omni-Channel Ecommerce Strategy

We created a strategy for and designed Rowing Blazers' ads, and marketing emails to drive traffic to the site, increase conversion, and promote new collections.

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