Developing the Future of Rented Furniture

Teaming up with local artists, master woodworkers and expert upholsterers, ZZ Driggs puts the power back into the hands of the people by offering beautiful, sustainable furniture for both rent and purchase. ZZ Driggs came to Barrel to build out their DTC channel, envisioning a world with greater access to sustainably made and sourced furniture, without the steep cost or requirements of ownership.

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A New Digital Identity for a Modern Furniture Brand

In need of a new digital identity system, ZZ Driggs came to Barrel looking for a modern, unconventional brand that translated the long, rich history of furniture design throughout the brand application.

Educating Customers About Luxury Furniture Rentals

Once the branding was established, we created a one-of-a-kind website to match the authentic and eccentric identity. Equally important was conveying ZZ Drigg's strategy to consumers: offering thoughtfully designed furniture at an affordable price through renting or purchasing.

Streamlining the Furniture Rental Process

During the strategy phase, we mapped the key user flows on the site, ensuring that the different apps and integrations would connect seamlessly. The logic behind this is based on the user's rental period, duration of renting, location, product, and delivery.

Blending Storytelling and Conversion on the Product Page

The product detail pages are critical for converting customers and guiding them through the rental process. Within the buy-box, users can find information on how renting works, the available rental periods, carbon-neutral shipping, and unique design details of the furniture.

Designing a Path to Sustainable Expansion

As a new brand, it was important that we built a flexible site for ZZ Driggs that would support their growing business. This allowed them easily to launch new collections, products, and storytelling landing pages.

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