Customizing the Perfect Fit for Stantt

Stantt is a leader in the custom-fit apparel industry, offering 99+ shirt sizes to fit a wide range of their customers’ needs. Because only 15% of men achieve a perfect-fitting shirt, Stantt seeks to break away from the traditional small, medium, large sizing paradigm and provide an actionable solution. Stantt values empowerment, looking good, and feeling good in what you wear.

Stantt Homepage

With a strong presence in retailers across the country, Stantt engaged Barrel to redesign their e-commerce store on Shopify, elevating the look and feel of the brand by incorporating a new brand identity and a new, easy to use sizing algorithm.

Barrel also designed and developed new marketing landing pages to accompany the website redesign, aiming to grow Stantt’s email list and encourage taking the new size quiz to purchase the perfect shirt.

In the design process, the team prioritized making it as simple as possible for users to find their perfect Stantt size and shop their comprehensive collection of patterns & designs. Each shirt also has the option to be customized even further, by selecting a different collar, cuff, placket, pocket, and button options, dynamically populating onto the image of the shirt as users select their desired inputs on the site.

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