Redefining Comfort Wear with Wknd Nation

Wknd Nation is a female-founded emerging loungewear brand that is redefining what it means to be comfortable.

Barrel partnered with Wknd Nation to launch their new website on Shopify Plus to reflect Wknd Nation’s unique mission to break the stigma of loungewear and offer pieces that can be worn for every and any occasion.

Wknd Nation is striving to bring that weekend energy to its customers every day. Barrel designed multiple access points throughout the site to drive users to the shopping experience, and allow customers to shop by look. The entire design system reflects the boldness and playfulness of the brand.

Working closely with Wknd Nation, Barrel extended the brand across other pages such as the collection look book, the ambassador program and the story to highlight their unique mission and create a community centered around loungewear. Barrel built a flexible design system that allowed for scalability as Wknd Nation continues to grow their product offering. 

Increasing conversion and AOV was top of mind for Wknd Nation, and Barrel designed various callouts & implemented functionality to encourage this behavior. Barrel implemented a unique bundle product for users to buy matching sets of Wknd Nation’s hallmark Joggers & Sweatshirts. Barrel incentivized purchasing multiples of items via discounts, and marketed those discount opportunities across key areas of the site. To further increase average order value and guide customers through their purchase decision, Barrel designed various cross-sell callouts on the product detail page that encourages users to pair pieces together. Barrel also implemented a quick-add-to-cart functionality so users could select their size and add-to-cart directly from collections pages. 

In addition to the new site design, Barrel extended the brand across channels with automated email series to cater to new customers, product drops, and much more. 

Check out the website here.

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