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Cariuma makes sustainable, organic canvas, leather, & suede sneakers. They give back to the environment through their Reforestation program which plants one tree for every pair of shoes purchased. Cariuma reached out to Barrel to be an extension of their team through an on-going retainer engagement. Through the retainer we increased their conversion, optimized their UX, and increased their site speed.

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Repositioning Cariuma as a Lifestyle Brand

In parallel with Cariuma's repositioning efforts, we redesigned their homepage and conducted an A/B test to ensure that the new page would convert customers more effectively than the existing homepage. The new homepage features exclusive collaborations, reinforces their sustainable brand story, and celebrates the community to convert customers through inspiration.


Conversion lift after homepage redesign

Increasing Conversion on the Product Detail Page

We optimized the product detail page to increase conversion including consolidating the add to cart section, adding a sticky add to cart button, promoting upsells, and increasing the brand storytelling. These improvements showed a significant uplift in conversion after implementation.

Cariuma PDP Image

Carving a Space for Collaborations

To highlight Cariuma's latest collaborations, including partnerships with Pantone, Atari, and The Peanuts, we created dedicated modules and pages throughout the website. The collaboration's PDPs incorporate custom assets that show the inspiration behind each collaboration and the unique design features of the shoes.

Cariuma Collaborations

Increase AOV Through Accessories and Bundles

We implemented cross-sell and upsell opportunities throughout the site on the PDP, mini cart, and checkout through Rebuy to increase AOV. This included dynamically cross-selling laces and insoles when a customer already has a shoe added to their cart.

Cariuma Mini Cart

Reinforcing Cariuma's Reforestation Mission

Cariuma is a certified B Corporation, meeting high standards of social responsibility, performance, and transparency. To elevate Cariuma's sustainability efforts, we designed a Reforestation page to communicate the impact of their reforestation efforts. The page features Cariuma’s goal of planting 100,000 trees in the Brazilian rainforest by 2022.

Global Expansion

In our ongoing partnership, Barrel works with Cariuma to enhance and optimize their ecommerce web experience. We launched an ecommerce store for Cariuma in Japan, which was a fast follow after their Brazil launch in the winter of 2023.

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