Shop Sustainability with Cariuma for Earth Day

Cariuma specializes in using ethically sourced materials to produce sneakers that are designed to be sustainable, comfortable, and timeless. In our ongoing partnership, Barrel works with Cariuma to enhance and optimize their e-commerce web experience. In celebration of Earth Day, Barrel supported Cariuma in highlighting its reforestation efforts and collaboration with the classic comic brand, Peanuts.

Cariuma is a certified B Corporation, meeting high standards of social responsibility, performance, and transparency. They have been on the forefront of environmental sustainability, ensuring that its projects contribute to the global efforts of creating a greener future for generations to come.

To help highlight Carimua’s sustainability efforts, Barrel designed a “Reforestation” page to communicate the impact of their reforestation efforts. The page calls to action Cariuma’s goal of planting 100,000 trees in the Brazilian rainforest by 2022.

Furthering their mission, this comprehensive page illustrates the specific metrics and featured reports of the number of trees that have been planted to amplify the company’s values. 

Peanuts x Cariuma Product Detail Page

In celebration of Earth Day, Barrel created a template for Cariuma’s Earth Day collaboration with Peanuts encouraging consumers to invest time, energy, and resources to nurture the natural world. In addition, Cariuma launched a campaign furthering the impact of their “Pair for Pair” initiative by increasing the number of trees planted for every pair of shoes purchased from 2 to 10 trees.

Check out their website here:

In our ongoing partnership, Barrel works with Cariuma to enhance and optimize their e-commerce web experience.

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