Building the Future of Physical Retail with Stour

Stour was started with the mission of creating an entirely new shopping experience, one that seamlessly combines online shopping with physical retail. By harnessing the influence of editorial publications, Stour builds one-of-a-kind shopping experiences for both brands and consumers. For its first store launch, Stour is teaming up with Allure to create an in-person retail experience that mirrors the magazine's online editorial content. Stour approached Barrel to help craft a brand strategy & visual identity as well as build a new website in Webflow to get brands excited about being featured in this new retail store.

When exploring Stour's visual and brand identity, we developed a concept around the idea of "The Frame." The concept is inspired by the way Stour provides the foundation and frame for these thoughtfully curated retail experiences. The colorful icon is meant to function as a visual callback to the brand's innovative mission.

After developing the brand identity, we then moved into Webflow to continue pushing the visuals to new places and begin storytelling with copy. By utilizing textural gradients and bold typography, we were able to create visually captivating and user-friendly landing pages to help launch Stour online and begin building brand equity.

Check out the Stour site and branding in action here.

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