Changing the Face of Cancer Diagnosis with PAIGE

Barrel worked with the team at PAIGE to launch a new identity design and website experience. PAIGE is an Ai-powered software that is transforming the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cancer. Their product helps pathologists improve the scalability of their work, enabling them to provide better care at a lower cost. With their headquarters located on Roosevelt's Island, PAIGE has a comprehensive license with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and exclusive rights to their library of 25 million pathology slides.

The PAIGE team approached us to rebrand and relaunch their website in an effort to better represent what they do and reach a larger audience. The new website features a modular design system to tell the story of how science and engineering work together to make their product detect cancer faster. We added in subtle animations and transitions across the site to bring the brand to life online.

We also created custom iconography for the brand system to more clearly illustrate the brand pillars and strategy.

The logo communicates PAIGE being at the center of pathologists, science and technology. Because of the intricacy of the logo, we created an alternate logo for smaller screen sizes to ensure the logo is always legible.


For the past 12 years, Barrel has collaborated with numerous brands to think strategically about their digital experiences. Barrel’s work with PAIGE adds to the agency’s growing roster of clients on in the science and engineering space such as Lumina Solar, Columbia Chemistry, and Cornell Tech.Check out the site at

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