Creating A Vibrant New Brand for Joovv

Joovv creates the most powerful in-home red light therapy devices in the world.

Barrel was brought on to help create a new brand identity and website that would reflect Joovv’s unique vision and position them as a leader in the red-light therapy space.

New Joovv Logo

Inspired by the fluctuating movements of light energy,  Barrel created a new logo that elevates the Joovv brand and can grow with their constant wave of innovations. 

Two images.  Left shows the Joovv logo on the device. Right image shows the Joovv logo as an app icon

In conjunction with the rebrand, Barrel worked with the Joovv team to redesign their website on Shopify Plus with the goal of highlighting their new array of products and unite their community of athletes, experts and physicians.

Diagonal collage of Joovv website pages

Throughout the website are opportunities to learn more about the benefits of red light, including an interactive module that allows you to test out each mode on the Joovv.

For new customers, finding the right light therapy devices can be challenging.  To remove this barrier, Barrel developed a quiz that guides customers to the right device based on their personal needs and home environment.

Joovv website pages shown on desktop and mobile

To celebrate this new brand and the release of the Joovv 3.0, Barrel built a custom landing page in Webflow. Through the simple action of scrolling, visitors can explore the devices in 3-D and see the powerful healing benefits the Joovv has to offer.

Check out the branding and website here

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