Fostering Ring's Online Community

Known for their video doorbell, Ring creates products that makes neighborhoods safer.

To further emphasize this mission, Barrel worked closely with the Ring team to redesign and build their blog experience on WordPress. Since they were acquired by Amazon in 2018, Ring has focused on expanding their product suite and their connection to their customers. This new blog fosters their online community and brings their neighborhood stories to the forefront by featuring different ways to interact with video and long-form content while also offering opportunities to share their stories with the Ring team.

Different templates allow admins to curate the layout of the article depending on the content they are serving. Content-rich areas allow for easy serving of media, quotes, and relevant products that allow for a seamless browse-to-purchase experience.

As a mobile-first experience, content is easily digestible regardless of the device a customer uses. Additionally, a clear information hierarchy offers different access points to relevant content depending on what customer's are interested in.

Explore the site here.

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