Fresh Looks for Cocofloss

Cocofloss is a fresh take on dental care, offering premium, fibrous floss available in a variety of delicious fragrances. After a successful homepage redesign project, Cocofloss returned to Barrel for help with expanded website features and optimizations.

Cocofloss Overview

First, we reimagined the “Build a Box” subscription page experience with a new interface and user flow design. We also illustrated the floss fragrances (and a little surprise box) for some added delight.

Fragrance Illustrations

Following the launch, Cocofloss saw a 20% boost in their subscriptions sales.Next, we gave the blog page and article pages a boost with a brand new look. The blog landing page organizes blog posts in an easy-to-consume way by highlighting featured posts, surfacing recent posts, and allowing users to filter by category for a mix of oral hygiene tips and lifestyle content.

Why Cocofloss Page Design

Barrel also worked with the Cocofloss team to launch a new addition to the site: the “Why Cocofloss” page. Oral health is a serious topic, but we didn’t want to scare people or stray from the fun and approachable vibe of the Cocofloss brand. The page leverages charming illustrations, clear and concise copy, and moments of fun interactive elements to effectively communicate the importance of flossing. Check out the site at

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