Getting Back to Human with Hu

Founded in 2012, Hu is a fast-growing US-based snacking company offering high-quality, low-processed foods with an emphasis on getting back to a more "human" way of eating. The company started as Hu Kitchen in New York City and has developed into a premium portfolio of products inspired by vegan and Paleo diets. In April 2019, Mondeléz International made a minority investment in Hu as part of the company's innovation and venture hub SnackFutures.

With a focus on ecommerce, Hu came to Barrel to design and develop a new digital flagship experience. We created a new Shopify Plus ecommerce experience with the goal of selling products while educating and expanding Hu's consumer base.

In keeping with Hu's edgy and bold style, we worked closely with the Hu team to create a distinct new look and content while preserving the brand's voice.

In an effort to increase the average order value of its customers, the Barrel team created a custom “Build a Bundle” experience on Shopify Plus as well as a selection of pre-made bundles.

Barrel's Studio_B provided art direction for photography and created dozens of mouth-watering product renderings. We wanted customers to feel like they could taste the products. And yes, our team was hungry all the time while working on this project.

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